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Concepts in Geology

COMING SOON! An educational video series called “Concepts in Geology” in 2023.

After spending 10 years teaching Geology and Earth Sciences at both 4-yr and local community colleges, I realized that much understanding of geology and the earth is enhanced with virtual field trips.

I am currently producing a new video series explaining various concepts in Geology. It will be available through this website and hosted on the YouTube internet platform starting in 2023. My hope is to be able to make available topic specific, short (<20-30 minute) videos explaining various geological processes that shape our earth’s ever-changing landscape. Whether you are a student, a K-12 educator, or the curious public, I hope to be able to bring the field of geology into your homes and schools to expand your understanding of this exciting field.

In traveling throughout the USA, Canada, and Iceland, I have learned that the people have an interest in the wild and wonderful landscape that we share. With current events such as earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanic activity, erosion, and sea level rises occurring daily in our lives, through these videos I hope to be able to provide an understanding of how the earth was formed and continues to change.

My videos will be created as a non-technical conversation discussing the geological concepts that shape and impact our earth. I hope you will join with me on this journey of discovery.

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